Ria Ricis Reveals Why Her Mother Was Rushed to the Hospital During the Hajj

Jakarta – Bad news about Ria Ricis’ mother, Yunifah Lismawati. The reason is that Ricis’s mother was rushed to the hospital while undergoing the pilgrimage with her son, Oki Setiana Dewi.

Most recently, Ria Ricis revealed why her mother was rushed to the hospital. Check out the full review below.

The reason Mrs. Ria Ricis was rushed to the hospital

Ok Setiana Dewi

Ricis said, his mother was rushed to the hospital because she felt tired while undergoing a number of Hajj rituals. Apart from that, the stamina and physical condition that was not as fit as it used to be was also a factor for Ricis’s mother to be rushed to the hospital.

However, now the condition of Ria Ricis’ mother has started to improve. This is also grateful for the wife of Teuku Ryan.

Ricis also prayed that his mother would continue to be given health during the pilgrimage. Not to forget, he also asked for the best prayers for his mother.

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