Rose’s Film Review, Delving into the Minds of People with Schizophrenia

PeekSeleb – The film Rose presents an unusual story about the story of a schizophrenic. Even though films with this theme are common and have been raised a lot.

But there is something interesting in this Rose film. This film provides a unique perspective. What is the uniqueness of Rose’s film? Take a peek at the following article.

rose movie


Photo: IMDb

The film by filmmaker Niels Arden Oplev has a family drama genre sprinkled with a touch of comedy in the simple dialogues of the characters.

Rose didn’t just rely on the strength of an intimate script from the start. In the front row, there are Sofie Grabol, Lene Maria Christensen, and Anders W. Berthelsen who move the story with sticky chemistry right up to the final minutes without losing tension.

This film has never been shown in Indonesian cinemas. However, it can be watched legally starting in July on the KlikFilm streaming platform.

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