Rossa Accused of Ignoring Betrand Peto During a Duet, Afgan Puts on Body


Jakarta Singer Rossa has recently become a hot topic of conversation because of the negative accusations leveled at her. An account led to the opinion that Rossa liked Betrand Peto when they performed a duet in Malaysia some time ago.

As the closest person, how does Afgan respond? Let’s look at the following information!

Afghanistan’s response


Photo: Special

Afgan also responds to the problems that are befalling his best friend, Rossa. According to him, Rossa could not have done the evil things that were alleged yesterday. Moreover, as a singer, Afgan knows very well how the condition of the stage when it’s on hectic.

“If I feel, Ocha it can’t be like that anyway. Those are just snippets (of the video),” said Afgan, quoted from the Cumicumi website, Kami, July 20, 2023.

“Sometimes when we’re on stage we don’t know which side to face, there are so many distractionand the audience’s energy has been carried away too, “he said again.

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