Rossa Ready to Teach the Slanderer a Lesson, Afgan’s Comment Becomes the Spotlight

Jakarta – After holding a promo concert for his new album in Malaysia, the Indonesian pop diva Rossa was suddenly full of blasphemy. This is the aftermath of an account that led to the opinion that Rossa was ignoring her duet friend, Betrand Peto Putra Onsu.

Not accepting this, Rossa and the management took firm steps. Like what? Let’s take a peek at the following information!

Rosa’s clarification

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After her name went viral, Rossa finally spoke up. Through his latest Instagram post, the singer of the song ‘Pudar’ shared his experience in inviting Onyo alias Betrand to his concert in Malaysia.

A few days ago I just had a 2-day concert in Malaysia to promote my new album where on the first day there were Ikky and Onyo as my guest stars,” opened Rossa in her post, quoted on Tuesday 18 July 2023.

Their duet moment was busy in the spotlight. But unfortunately, it is a negative spotlight. Rossa was accused of ignoring and ignoring Onyo just because of an incomplete video.

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