Ruling on Congregation of Menstruating Women Pilgrimage to the Tombs of the Prophet and Raudhah

Jakarta – Pilgrims for batch II have gradually departed for Medina for Arbain worship since July 10, 2023. Apart from that, the congregation also has the opportunity to visit the graves of the Prophet and Raudhah.

In this case, PPIH has created a mechanism for Indonesian pilgrims to enter Raudhah. Take a peek at the full information below.

Maliki and Hanafi schools

Pinterest/Ayesha Siddiqua

Photo : Pinterest/Ayesha Siddiqua

Regarding this matter, can female pilgrims who are menstruating be able to visit the graves of the Prophet and Raudhah? In this discussion, scholars have various opinions.

“The following is the view of the fuqaha or fiqh experts regarding the stipulations whether or not menstruating women can make pilgrimages to the Tombs of the Prophet and Raudhah,” explained the Coordinator of the Hajj Media Center (MCH) PPIH Center Dodo Murtado in Jakarta, Saturday, July 15 2023.

First, the Maliki School absolutely forbids menstruating women from passing or remaining silent (al-muktsu) in the mosque unless there is a very urgent need such as fear/avoiding threats or injustice.

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