Saipul Jamil Officially Changes Name, Considers Old Name Less Lucky: My Name Now…

Jakarta – Sworddut Saipul Jamil announced that he had officially changed his name. The decision to change this name was taken because the old name was considered to be less fortunate in life.

So, what is Saipul Jamil’s new name now? Come on, check below.

Saipul Jamil’s new name

Saipul jamil

Who has never heard of Saipul Jamil? The name of Dewi Perssik’s ex-husband has become one of the most popular in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

However, it turns out that the figure who is familiarly called Bang Ipul decided to change his name.

This is known from the announcement made by Bang Ipul, which has even been announced via the Instagram social media platform.

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