Same-sex kiss, Iqbaal Ramadhan stops being a fan of The 1975


Jakarta – Iqbaal Ramadhan announced that he has stopped being a fan of the band The 1975. This was the impact of the incident with the vocalist, Matty Healy, who kissed his bassist, Ross MacDonald on stage while performing in Malaysia.

Iqbaal Ramadhan About The 1975

Iqbaal Ramadhan expressed his dislike and disapproval of The 1975’s action on the Good Vibes Festival 2023 stage in Kuala Lumpur which took place on 21 July 2023.

This famous Indonesian singer and actor emphasized that Matt Healy’s behavior was very disrespectful. In fact, he couldn’t believe that he thought he had to completely let himself go as a fan of the British band’s status.

There is no justification whatsoever for all the actions taken. Both on stage and the post performance. Very tone-deaf, disrespectful and cringy stuck. Can’t believe the day has come but officially no longer a fan, #jamettttttttttttihilih,” Iqbaal’s tweet on his Twitter account @iqbaale.

Keknya all know ogut used to be a big fan of them. But the only right thing to do now is hold the band accountable and no longer support the band. Take this as you please,” continued Iqbaal Ramadhan launched on Monday, July 24, 2023.

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