See you 6 months later


Jakarta – Unpleasant news came from Billy Syahputra. He recently had a knee injury.

This was known to Intipseleb through his personal Instagram account. Regarding this news, many are curious about Billy Syahputra. Here’s the profile.

Unpleasant news comes from Billy Syahputra

Billy Syahputra

Billy Syahputra admits he has a knee injury. He said, this incident was the first time for him while playing football.

It’s the first time in my life while playing football, this is the first time I’ve injured my knee and it feels sad too, huh!!“wrote Billy Syahputra quoted by Intipseleb today, Tuesday, July 4, 2023.

The owner’s full name Jhoni Rhoma Billy Iskandar said he would be undergoing recovery for a while. Even for 6 months he will be vacuumed from football.

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