Share Portrait of Mother’s Body, Ratna Listy: Ummi is so beautiful

Madison – Ratna Listy delivers the sad news of the passing of her mother, Nurhayati binti Asrip. Ratna Listy immediately left for Madiun to accompany her mother to her final resting place.

In a post, Ratna Listy seems to show her mother’s face. What is the portrait shared by Ratna Listy? Here’s the article.

Mother’s face

Ratna Listy shared a portrait of her mother’s body which had just passed away. In that post, Ratna Listy seemed to praise her mother’s beauty.

Thank God, we have arrived at Madiun. Ummm so beautiful. Her face is clean and shining. Hopefully husnul khotimah Ummi,“wrote Ratna Listy.

Ratna Listy also said that she would intervene directly to wash her mother’s body.

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