Shouting often ‘I love Dewi Perssik’, Aldi Taher’s wife is jealous


Jakarta It is known that Aldi Taher often shouts the name of his ex-wife, Dewi Perssik, every time he performs at several events. Apparently, this habit made Aldi Taher’s wife, Salsabillih jealous.

She even reprimanded her husband in public. What did he say? Scroll through the article below.


Aldi Taher

Aldi Taher is known to have just held his concert entitled Forplay: Aldi Taher Martin Live in Concert Tribute to Coldplay. He held the concert on Monday, 3 July 2023 at Bengkel Space, SCBD Jakarta.

In accordance with the title of the concert, the actor in the movie Doll Satan appreciated the concert with the song Coldplay. including the anthem of Dakota Johnson’s boyfriend Yellow.

However, Aldi Taher also seems to often call out the name of his ex-wife, Dewi Perssik. Not once, he repeated it several times.

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