Showing off his application photo, Denny Caknan writes Haru’s message ahead of the wedding day

Jakarta – The owner of the real name Deni Setiawan or better known as Denny Caknan is now openly posting a portrait of his simple application with Bella Bonita on Instagram.

Not only that, Denny also seems to have written a message of emotion to his parents before he changed his status to become someone else’s husband. Curious? Check out the following article!

Proposal Photo Exhibition

Having hidden the happy news and choosing to apply in a simple and family manner, Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita are ready to step down the aisle tomorrow Friday, July 7 2023.

Coinciding with the anniversary of the city of Ngawi, the singer of the song ‘Kalih Welasku’ is reported to be holding a wedding party at The Sun Hotel Madiun at 19.00 WIB and it will be held privately only for the closest relatives and family.

Leaking their simple application portraits using black batik, Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita showed off their engagement rings and wrote deep messages to their parents.

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