Showing Off Holidays After Causing Panic to Eliminate IG Posts, Judika Is Blasphemed: Vacations Are Possible

Jakarta – Some time ago Judika seemed to be saying goodbye from Instagram and deleting all her uploads on her personal Instagram account. This action made netizens panic and worry.

Now it is revealed that her action was to promote a concert in Malaysia, and Judika is back to showing off her activities on her social media accounts. This finally made netizens busy blaspheming Judika. Like what?


Photo : Instagram/@jud1ka

Previously, many netizens were worried about Judika’s condition. The reason is that the photos on his Instagram social media immediately disappeared, leaving only one upload.

Thank you for supporting me all this time,” he wrote in his last post on Wednesday 5 July 2023.

Recently, the singer of ‘I’m the One Who Hurts’ admitted that his action of deleting posts and as if saying goodbye from Instagram was just a marketing trick.

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