Showing off on the lap of Caucasians, Nikita Mirzani is ridiculed like a trophy

Jakarta – Nikita Mirzani shows off her closeness to a Caucasian man. Although, Nikita is still at odds with her ex-husband, Antonio Dedola because of allegations of Domestic Violence (KDRT) and the upbringing of Laura Meizani Nasseru Asry alias Loly.

Showing off her closeness to Caucasian men, Nikita Mirzani was even outspoken when she was in the middle of her lap. However, he was flooded with ridicule. What’s the moment like? Let’s take a peek at Nikita Mirzani’s behavior, which is showing off the intimacy below!

Taken by Caucasians


Photo: instagram/nikitamirzanimawardi_172

Through Instagram Story, Nikita Mirzani is hanging out with her friends, most of whom are foreign citizens. On one occasion, Nikita showed off his closeness to a Caucasian man.

Unmitigated, Nikita Mirzani was allegedly on the lap of the Caucasian man. The Caucasian man appears to have dark blond hair, wears a blue shirt, and holds a glass. Meanwhile, Nikita Mirzani wore a black mini dress.

While sitting on a white man’s lap, Nikita Mirzani was heard singing the Happy Birthday song with her friends. Meanwhile, the Caucasian man played with his expression and occasionally glanced at Nikita. Not to forget, the heart-shaped sticker was pinned by Nikita.

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