Showing off warm poses after divorce, Natasha Rizki’s comments on Desta’s Instagram are called full of meaning


Jakarta – Deddy Mahendra Desta and Natasha Rizki have been officially divorced since June 19, 2023. Even though they are no longer husband and wife, Desta and Natasha Rizki are still often together.

Previously, the two of them seemed to be on vacation together, now Desta and Natasha celebrate the birthday of their second child together and show off their warm poses. Natasha Rizki’s comments were highlighted. Like what?

Showing off the Warmth Pose

Even though they are officially divorced, Desta and Natasha Rizki still often meet for the sake of their children. Like their most recent moment when celebrating the birthday of their second child, Miskha Arrawfa Najma.

On Miskha’s seventh birthday, Desta and Natasha celebrate it at the child’s school with their classmates. Miskha looks cute posing in front of a birthday cake with pink nuances.

In the next slide, Desta and Natasha Rizki can be seen taking pictures together warmly flanking Miskha in the middle.

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