Sneered Take S3 For Style, Ashanty’s Striking Response Makes Goosebumps

Jakarta – The news that Ashanty is taking a doctoral degree has recently been in the public spotlight. Especially considering that Ashanty is now almost 40 years old.

Then, Ashanty was outspoken about her reasons for taking a doctoral degree at Airlangga University, aka Unair. Take a peek at the answer below.

Reason Ashanty S3

Reason Ashanty S3

Through his Instagram Story, Ashanty wrote answers to questions from netizens who seemed to accuse him of being just fad and fad when he decided to take S3.

“Many ask why school is back? Do styles? Make a fad? I’m sure not, why are you tired of going to school? For me, who is almost 40 years old, this is really effortful. last year I had registered and then withdrew at the consul because I was so sweaty that I was trembling. Is this a state university? wrote Ashanty quoted on Wednesday, July 5, 2023.

However, Ashanty admitted that her father always warned her to go to school as high as possible. She also emphasized that now she is taking a major that focuses on social issues, especially women.

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