Song Lyrics Forgot Password – Indies Feat Nadin Amizah, Along With Their Meanings

Jakarta – Indies recently released their second album. On the second album, he collaborated with Nadin Amizah on a song titled Forgot Password.

Investigate a calibaration, the singer of the song titled ‘Crazy Female Rayuan’, apparently helped half of writing the lyrics of the song Forgot Password. So what about the lyrics of the song? Curious? Let’s take a peek at the full review below!

Forgot Password Song Meaning


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The meaning of the song Forgot Password is that everyone has their own confusion, their own fears and anxieties in living in the world every day. However, they don’t know who to ask for help, so in the end it’s still themselves who are the helpers.


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I’m sure you are the same as me
Hate need cyberspace
All good things I pray for you
Because I know the taste

Wrong there
Battered reviled
Wrong there
Hurt the one I love

I know you see me too
Throw the soul there
Carry anything that looks free
Forget bringing logic

Wrong there
Death becomes a prayer
Wrong there
My grades are completely gone

And everyone is busy trapping, trapping, barking, moaning…
Please help yourself
And I realized

All the noise, I screamed
Everyone is noisy, I choose silence
I hate it with all my heart
I became the thing I hate.

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