Still Continuing, Gideon Tengker is surprised that the local RT RW refuses to confirm Rieta Amilia’s address


Jakarta – Today the Jakarta Selataj District Court has again held a civil trial for Rp. 300 billion in assets worth IDR 300 billion between Gideon Tengker and Rieta Amilia.

However, unfortunately the trial was postponed again. Even so, Gideon Tengker’s party gave a new statement on the results of today’s trial. Here’s the full review, let’s see!

Gideon Tengker Surprised that the Local RT and RW Refused to Confirm Rieta Amilia’s Address

Gideon Tengker

In the monitoring of Intipceleb, Gideon Tengker is accompanied by his attorney, Erles Rareral. Meanwhile, Rieta Amilia was absent at the trial.

This time the trial was postponed again by the panel of judges. Investigate the reason because it is related to the address of Rieta Amilia’s house, the truth of which is still not certain.

On one occasion, Gideon Tengker’s lawyer, Erles Rareral, admitted that he had sent a team to coordinate with the local RT or RW and began to find a bright spot regarding the clarity of the address.

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