Still Not Recognizing Aisyah and Refusing to Give a Living, Doddy Sudrajat to Puput: Just Ask His Biological Father!


Jakarta – Mayang’s father, Doddy Sudrajat, until now does not want to recognize Aisyah as his biological child with Puput. He even emphasized that he refused to provide for Chika’s younger sibling.

This was because he had proof of Aisha’s status. Then, what is it? Scroll through the article below.

Evidence that Aisyah is not Doddy Sudrajat’s biological child

Doddy sudrajat

Doddy Sudrajat was officially reported to the police by his ex-wife, Roy Pujiarti, alias Puput. Doddy because he was considered to have defamed Puput’s good name. He was reported for admitting that Aisyah was not his biological child.

However, on one occasion, the father of the late Vanessa Angel showed evidence of Aisyah’s status. According to him, if he was Aisyah’s father, Puput should not have badmouthed him.

“If daddy is really his (Aisyah) biological father, he (Puput) shouldn’t badmouth daddy. Daddy is not sure if this is daddy’s child or not, he is still in touch with his ex-husband, going back and forth to Pemalang for two or three days there,” said Doddy as quoted from YouTube Cumicumi.

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