Still Performing After the Issue of the Syahnaz Scandal, Netter Disappoints with Jeje’s Reaction When Encouraged by the Audience

Jakarta – The owner’s full name, Ritchie Ismail alias Jeje Govinda, returned to the stage after bad news hit his small family, namely Syahnaz, who was accused of having an affair with Rendy Kjaerneet.

Still looking professional, Jeje flooded the audience with enthusiasm. Curious? Check out the full article below!

Jesse’s reaction

The news of the affair that Syahnaz Sadiqah had with Rendy Kjaernett has surfaced to the public. News of this affair circulated because Lady Nayoan was fed up with feeling that she had been lied to so many times.

Even after the circulation of Rendy Kjaernett’s confession and clarification that confirmed the affair with Syahnaz, Jeje actually looked relaxed and still performed with the Govinda group.

Needless to say, netizens also highlighted Jeje’s movements to encourage him. Wearing a green shirt, Jeje is seen stroking his hands with a look full of emotion.

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