Straight up! Denny Caknan Shows off the First Night with Bella Bonita


Jakarta – Denny Caknan and Remi got married last Friday night, July 9 2023. It can be seen that the moment of their first night after marriage was highlighted.

So, what was this moment like? Come on, take a peek at the article below!

Denny Caknan First Night

Denny Caknan

Denny Caknan showed off his intimacy with his wife Bella Bonita after officially getting married last Friday. It seems that the moment of the first night was in the spotlight after Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita got married on Friday, July 7 2023.

Launching via a short video uploaded by Denny Caknan, you can see Bella Bonita’s face shy when they started their morning activities together as husband and wife for the first time. It appears that the video was taken after Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita had their first night after marriage.

“Hey, why are you embarrassed? Why? How about that? You want me to make a video, hey. Just come out a little, show up, hurry up. Hahahaha. Embarrassed. Netizens told me to record a video of Bojo, he’s a shy person. Where are the people even embarrassed Nganu is just mediocre. That’s it, I’m the only one in the video,” said Denny Caknan via his story post on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

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