Sule Unravels the Real Event After Being Insinuated by Nathalie Holscher Doesn’t Care About Adzam, Putri Becomes Defended

Jakarta – Comedian Sule dismantled the true incident which his ex-wife, Nathalie Holscher, did not care about their child, Adzam. He admitted that after being teased, he went straight to the hospital to visit his son.

This made netizens even attack Nathalie Holscher and highlight Princess Delina. Like what? Scroll through the article below.

Unravel the Real Event

Sule said that when he got the news that Adzam was sick, he had to do his job first, which made Nathalie Holscher angry and grumbled on his Instagram story.

However, after his work was finished, Rizky Febian’s father immediately rushed to the hospital to meet his son.

“Yes, when it comes to children, it’s number one, but it’s also work, so how should we feed the children? What is clear is that there is something to say. I just finished Friday, I went straight there, I met you. Even Adzam immediately saw and cried,” said Sule, quoted from Instagram @lambe_ambyar, Thursday, July 6, 2023.

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