Supporting Nathalie Holscher, Marissya Icha Accused of Being Proud of Taking Off Her Hijab


Jakarta – Marissya Icha previously voiced support for Nathalie Holscher who chose to remove her hijab. He said that only Allah knows about the affairs of heaven and hell.

Now Marissya Icha is accused of being proud of the act of removing the hijab by a Muslim woman. What is the reason?

Accused of Proud of Hijab Removal Action


Photo: Instagram/marissyaichareal

Marissya Icha is one of the public figures who continues to support Nathalie Holscher in the midst of her decision to remove the hijab.

After previously defending it by saying that heaven and hell are God’s business, now the hijab-wearing celebrity is accused of being proud of the action of a Muslim woman deciding to take off the hijab.

But at least don’t be proud of it, “ netizens accuse in Marissya Icha’s uploads about heaven and hell.

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