Surprise! Meylisa Zaara Has Been Commemorated Since the Beginning of a Gay Husband, Umrah with Men and Not Inviting Wife


East Java Celebrity Meylisa Zaara is present in the podcast hosted by Deddy Corbuzier. She recounted her relationship with her husband, Rizka Khoirul Atok, who was caught chatting intimately with men and was suspected of being gay or gay.

As it turned out, the other side of Meylisa Zaara’s husband had begun to smell long before the two got married. The celebrity from Tulungagung was even commemorated by his friends. What’s the story like? Take a peek at his testimony below.

Remembered From the Beginning

Long before catching her husband chatting intimately with men, it turned out that the other side of Meylisa Zaara’s husband had been known from the start by the celebrity friends.

In fact, before the two got married, one of Meylisa Zaara’s friends gave evidence of Rizka Khoirul Atok’s intimate chats with men.

However, this evidence was denied and ignored by Meylisa Zaara. This is because she admits that her husband has cheated her.

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