Surprise! These 5 Artists Choose to Take Off the Hijab After Divorce, No. 3 Even Changed Religion

Jakarta – Divorce is a condition that is not wanted by any couple, including artists whose households are always demanded to be perfect.

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process for many people. So do not be surprised, if there are some female celebrities who choose to remove the hijab because maybe their emotional state is shaken. Who are they? Let’s take a peek at the row of artists who took off the hijab after the divorce.

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Marshanda first wore the hijab in mid-2010. Then, on April 2, 2011, she married Ben Kasyafani.

Unfortunately, their household did not last long. In 2014, the actress in the soap opera Bidadari caused a stir in the public when she suddenly filed for divorce from the man who gave her a beautiful daughter, Sienna Ameerah Kasyafani. In fact, both of their households looked cool and calm.

It didn’t stop there, Marshanda again caused a public uproar by deciding to remove the hijab that had been worn during the divorce process with Ben.

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