Syahnaz Makes Nausea Netizens Say Thank You to Jeje Still Accept His Condition Even though He’s Cheating

Jakarta – Raffi Ahmad’s sister, Syahnaz Sadiqah wrote her thanks to Jeje Govinda for still accepting her condition even though she was caught having an affair with Rendy Kjaernett.

This made netizens nauseous and disgusted with the nature of Nagita Slavina’s sister-in-law. Like what? Take a peek in full below.

Thank-you note

In the midst of Rendy Kjaernett and Lady Nayoan’s first divorce trial, Syahnaz Sadiqah stole the attention by writing a love letter to her husband, Jeje Govinda.

Through his uploads on his Instagram account, he is grateful because the drummer for the Govinda band still accepts him even though he was caught having an affair with his opponent, actress Rendy Kjaernett.

He even pinned his affectionate nickname on Jeje, which is called Pika.

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