Synopsis Film First Kill (2017), Action Bruce Willis Saves Dangerous Kidnapping Victims


United States of America – First Kill is an action genre film that was released in 2017. The First Kill film tells the story of a father and son who help victims of a shootout.

However, the victim actually kidnapped the child to blackmail the father. Curious? Take a peek at the synopsis of First Kill below.

The First Kill film focuses on the story of a father and son pair, Will (Hayden Christensen) and Danny (Ty Shelton). Wanting to have quality time together, Will intends to take his son to go hunting in the village.

Until one day, Will meets a village policeman named Howell (Bruce Willis). At that time, Will was warned to be careful.

That’s because there have been a lot of gun crimes recently. Howell’s warning doesn’t stop Will from taking Danny out on a hunt.

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