Synopsis Film The Doll (2016), Shandy Aulia Haunted by a Mystical Doll

Jakarta – The film The Doll will take the audience to the scary world of horror in Indonesia. Released in 2016, this film was directed by Rocky Soraya and starred Shandy Aulia, Denny Sumargo, Sara Wijayanto, and Vitta Mariana Barrazza.

With a combination of traditional Indonesian horror elements and a modern touch, The Doll offers a thrilling experience to its audience. What’s the synopsis like? Take a peek in full!

the idols
Source: IMDb

The story begins when a woman named Maira (played by Shandy Aulia) and her husband, Aldo (played by Denny Sumargo), move to a new house. Maira, who works as a doll designer, finds a beautiful and mysterious doll in an antique shop. He decided to take it home as a gift for his unborn daughter.

However, when the doll arrived home, strange things started to happen. The doll has supernatural powers and is a source of terror for the family. Maira begins to experience horrific visions and the sensation that the doll is alive. In addition, he also found the doll moving places by itself and causing havoc around the house.

Maira feels that something is wrong with the doll and tries to find out more about its history. He finds that the doll is cursed by an evil shaman named Bu Laras (played by Sara Wijayanto) who wants revenge. Maira then becomes involved in a battle between the dark and light forces to protect her family and stop the terror caused by the doll.

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