Synopsis Film The Doll 3 (2022), Jessica Mila Awakens the Soul of the Doll

Jakarta – Indonesian horror film, The Doll 3, is a continuation of the two previous films, The Doll (2016) and The Doll 2 (2017). Directed by Rocky Soraya, this film managed to attract the audience’s attention with a tense story and a gripping atmosphere.

The Doll 3 comes with the magic behind the cursed doll ready to haunt the audience. What’s the synopsis like? Come on, take a peek at the synopsis of The Doll 3.

thedoll 3
Source: IMDb

The story in The Doll 3 is about a woman named Tara (Jessica Mila) who is devastated by an accident that killed her parents. Worse, Tara’s younger brother, Gian (Zizie Zidane), felt depressed and ended his relationship.

The ordeal that Tara is going through becomes even more complicated when her relationship with her fiancé, Aryan (Winky Wiryawan) is strained. In fact, Tara and Aryan’s wedding was postponed.

Drowning in depression, Tara wanted her sister to live again, so she asked a shaman to summon Gian’s spirit. In short, Gian’s spirit was successfully summoned and revived through a doll named Bobby.

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