Synopsis Film Trauma Center (2019), Bruce Willis Action Protects Women Becomes Target for Murder

United States of America – The film Trauma Center, which was released in 2019, tells the story of a woman who is being treated in a hospital. Apparently, he was targeted by two mysterious people because he was a witness to an incident he shouldn’t have seen.

The detective who handled the case then tried to protect the victim. Curious? Take a peek at the Trauma Center synopsis below.

The film Trauma Center focuses on Madison Taylor (Nicky Whelan). He did not expect that he would end up in a shootout with Pierce (Tito Ortiz) and Tull (Texas Battle) in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The incident left Madison’s leg badly injured. Madison was then taken to the hospital in an unconscious condition.

As soon as he realized, he was actually faced with a complicated situation. He was later named as a witness in the assassination attempt. He then meets Lieutenant Steve Wakes (Bruce Willis).

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