Synopsis Honest Thief (2020), When a Former Robber Is Framed for a Murder Case


Peek Celebrity Movies – The film Honest Thief was released in 2020. This film focuses on a master thief who intends to repent by admitting his mistakes to the police.

However, he was instead made a scapegoat for a murder case he never committed. Curious? Take a peek at the Honest Thief synopsis below.

Honest Thief focuses on a former marine named Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) who is an expert on explosives. Until after not working as a marine, Tom instead became a bank thief.

Tom including shrewd. In fact, he once collected 9 million dollars from the results of stealing it. That’s what makes Tom nicknamed ‘in and out bandit’.

Until one day, Tom met a woman named Annie Wilkins (Kate Walsh). Unexpectedly, Annie’s figure was actually able to make Tom fall in love and start thinking about retiring from the criminal world.

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