Synopsis In the Name of Love Episode 24


Jakarta – The cool soap opera Atas Nama Cinta which airs every day on ANTV at 21.00 WIB. Tells a love triangle between Indah (Sarah Samantha), Rayn (Jonas Rivanno) and Emir (Donny Michael).

To find out how the relationship between the three of them continues, let’s take a look at the full synopsis which will be broadcast on June 30, 2023.

Indah and Rayn Getting Closer

In the name of love

Indah thanked Rayn for wanting to investigate her sister’s death. But here, Rayn was even proud and said to Indah, that Indah didn’t need to thank her because Rayn’s intention was not to help Indah, but Rayn hoped that he could quickly part with Indah. Lovely agrees. Rayn’s heart is secretly here.

Actually he was jealous and did not want Indah to leave his life. As for Sofia, she asks for help from the Emir to investigate Anggia’s death, so Rayn and Indah will separate. Emir smiled slyly, Emir said that Sofia didn’t have to wait long for Anggia’s case to be solved. Sofia can do another way for Indah and Rayn to separate. Sofia got thinking here.

Sofia also came to Rayn’s house and because she knew the house was quiet and Indah was out, Sofia pretended to be sleeping in Rayn’s room and gave Indah photos of her naughty poses. Indah here was shocked and immediately rushed home. Indah immediately cried and got angry at Rayn, but Rayn didn’t even understand Indah’s attitude, which suddenly started crying.

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