Synopsis of Film Through My Window (2022), A Hot Love Story of Two Teenagers Starting from Wi-Fi

Spanish – The film Through My Window has been released by Netflix since February 4, 2022 yesterday. However, this film that depicts a teenage romance story is still popular and has made it to the Netflix trending list in Indonesia.

Through My Window presents a different love story. If teenagers usually can’t get a “match” on dating apps, suddenly they can find the man of their dreams just because of the Wi-Fi password. What’s the storyline like? Let’s watch it to the end!

Based on the wattpad story of the same name written by Ariana Godoy, Through My Window tells the story of a young girl named Raquel who falls in love with her naughty and mysterious neighbor, Ares.

Aldes was born into a wealthy family, namely the Hidalgo family, which owns Alpha 3, a well-known company in Spain. There were three boys in the house, namely Artemis who was the oldest and Apollo who was the youngest, and Ares as the middle child.

The Hidalgos’ house was right next door so Raquel could peek at their activities from her bedroom window. Raquel had been watching Ares from afar for some time. He knew Ares’ schedule for ball practice, as well as other personal activities. In fact, Raquel’s Wi-Fi password has Ares’ name on it.

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