Synopsis of the film 10 Minutes Gone, Revenge of a Trapped Robber


United States of America – The film 10 Minutes Gone was released in 2019. This film tells the story of a bank robbery plan.

However, one of the members is a traitor. He also tries to find out who the culprit is. Curious? Let’s take a peek at the synopsis of 10 Minutes Gone below.

The film 10 Minutes Gone focuses on the story of Rex (Bruce Willis) who is a criminal. In this action, he tried to recruit several people to break into bank vaults.

The target is a mysterious box whose contents are still unknown. Until finally the robbery team was formed, there were Frank (Michael Chiklis), his younger brother Joe (Tylor Jon Olson) and several other people.

Frank was pretty well trained in the underworld. He also has the right experience to carry out the burglary mission.

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