Synopsis of the film Brick Mansions (2014), Paul Walker’s last offering before he died

United States of America – Brick Mansions is an action genre film that was released in 2014. The Brick Mansions film was Paul Walker’s last work before his death.

Brick Mansions tells the story of the actions of the police who work with ex-convicts to thwart the rebellion. Curious? Take a peek at the synopsis of Brick Mansions below.

The film Brick Mansions is set in Detroit, which is a dangerous and crime-ridden area. It was so uncontrollable that law enforcement was overwhelmed to deal with crime there.

On the other hand, local officials built a 12 meter high wall around the Detrout area which became known as Brick Mansions. That area becomes a ‘no zone’ and is used to cut off access to other areas.

A policeman named Damien Collier (Paul Walker) has to go undercover every day to eradicate crime in Detroit. On the other hand, Lino Duppre (David Belle), an ex-convict, thinks that Detroit is a place that needs to be fought for so that a better life can be formed.

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