Synopsis of the horror film Run Rabbit Run, the story of a doctor who is terrorized by a ghost from a terrifying past

Australia – Since June 28, 2023, Netflix has just added the new horror thriller Run Rabbit Run to its platform. This 1 hour 40 minute film is included in the Netflix Indonesia trend.

So, what is this film about? The following is a synopsis of the film Run Rabbit Run.

Run Rabbit Run is a psychological thriller that follows the story of mother, fertility doctor, Sarah Snook who is a firm believer in life and death. However, after realizing his young daughter’s strange behavior, he must challenge his own values ​​and face the ghosts from his past.

After her divorce from her husband Peter, Sarah had to take care of her daughter Mia alone. Initially Mia was a cheerful child but everything changed when she was 7 years old. Her daughter began to show strange signs that Sarah couldn’t understand. Like asking the figure of Joan, his grandmother whom he had never met.

Mia’s attitude gets even stranger when Sarah always avoids and refuses to answer Mia’s questions about her family.

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