Synopsis of The Veteran (2011), When the Army Reveals a Government Conspiracy


United States of America – The film The Veteran was released in 2011 ago. The Veteran tells the story of an army veteran assigned to start a terrorist plot.

However, the shocking secret behind the agency where he works actually makes him targeted and wants to be killed. Curious? Take a peek at the following synopsis of The Veteran.

The film The Veteran focuses on ex-soldier Robert Miller (Toby Kebbell) who has just returned from serving in Afghanistan. Robert returned to his hometown, London, England.

However, he actually clashed with a group of dangerous thugs. A thug group of drug dealers led by Tyrone Jones (Bashy).

Luckily, Robert was able to overcome Tyrone and his accomplice. At that time, Tyrone then offered Robert to join his gang.

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