Take a peek at Denny Caknan’s preparations for one stage with Rhoma Irama Live on ANTV

PeekSeleb – Singer Denny Caknan admits that he is very happy to be able to fulfill his dream since childhood, namely to appear on the same stage with Raja Dangdut Rhoma Irama.

In the end, the Jakarta Dangdut music festival, which was held in Ancol, was broadcast on ANTV at 20.00 WIB. Curious? Scroll through the following articles!

Denny Caknan’s preparations

Denny Caknan, Rhoma Irama

The owner’s full name Deni Setiawan or better known as Denny Caknan leaked his preparations to enliven the Ujung-ujung Dangdut festival at Beach City International Stadium Ancol on Saturday, July 1 2023.

It will be an important history for Denny Caknan’s life, the singer from Ngawi divulged his special preparations for a special stage performance and hoped that everything would go smoothly.

“The preparation is to take care of your health, maintain your stamina and prepare several songs that will be performed there,” said Denny Caknan when questioned by the IntipSeleb team via telephone call, Wednesday, June 28, 2023.

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