Tama Tazia Allegedly Has a Child, Hanum Mega Says This

Jakarta – The alleged affair of Hanum Mega’s husband, Achmad Herlambang, with Tama Tazia has not ended. In fact, Hanum shared a screenshot saying that Zia already had a child.

On suspicion of having an affair with her own husband, Hanum Mega admits that she is hurt. Like what? Take a peek at the article!

Tama Tazia Allegedly Has a Child

Selebgram Hanum Mega shared a screenshot of a tweet on Twitter from the account @mengajaksajak. The Twitter account uploads a person’s conversation on the WhatsApp application.

The conversation led to one thing, namely the birth of a daughter on June 29, 2023. Then, the name of the daughter was revealed which turned out to have a very noble name.

“Girl, born normally on June 29,” said someone in the chat, reported by IntipSeleb from Instagram Story @real.hanummegaa, 29 June 2023.

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