Tantri Kotak Allegedly Against Posan Tobing After Disumasi to Prohibited from Performing Songs: Must Hit!

Jakarta – Posan Tobing’s feud with the Kotak Band is still continuing, even heating up again. Posan Tobing even sent a subpoena and banned the Kotak Band from performing their song.

After the subpoena was filed, Tantri, who is the vocalist of the Kotak Band, wrote down caption in the latest upload. It is suspected that he will fight Posan Tobing. What did Tantri Kotak write?

Tantri Kotak Allegedly Will Fight Posan Tobing

The conflict over royalties that occurred between the Kotak Band and Posan Tobing heated up again after the subpoena was filed. Shortly after the subpoena was sent, Tantri Kotak made an upload which immediately became the highlight.

The vocalist of the Kotak Band uploaded a photo of being on the beach while reading a book. But not uploaded photos, but caption which was written by Tantri Kotak which became the highlight.

Allegedly caption The message was addressed to Posan Tobing, who had repeatedly banned the Kotak Band from performing their songs, such as ‘Pelan-Pelan Saja’, ‘Still Love’, to ‘Love Don’t Go’.

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