Taylor Swift Was Fined 32 Times Worth IDR 45 Million Because Of Garbage Outside The House

United States of America – In the midst of busy carrying out The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift reportedly received a fine of thousands of United States dollars. Investigate a calibaration, Taylor was fined because the trash was strewn outside his house in the New York City area.

Reportedly, Taylor Swift has been fined 32 times since moving into a townhouse in 2017. What are the details like? Take a peek at the article!

Taylor Swift Was Fined 32 Times Worth IDR 45 Million Just Because Of Garbage

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift bought a three-story townhouse at 153 Franklin St. in Tribeca in October 2017 for $18 million or IDR 270 billion. Since then, Taylor Swift has been fined 32 times, worth $3,010 or Rp.45 million, for not keeping the sidewalk in front of her building clean, according to city records cited by the NY Post’s IntipSeleb.

However, Taylor Swift and her team of lawyers are trying to appeal against the fantastic fine. Reportedly, Taylor managed to discount the fine of $ 200 or Rp. 3 million.

Between January 2018 and January 2023, a janitor fined Taylor Swift for failing to clean up the area in front of her building, dirty sidewalks, and taking out her trash.

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