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Jakarta – Denny Caknan and Bella Bonita will get married today, Friday, July 7 2023. Since being announced as a future wife, Bella has received a lot of blasphemy from netizens.

Hot Bella Bonita continued to be blasphemed, Denny Caknan also opened his voice and defended his future wife. What did the singer Sugeng Dalu say?

Do not accept prospective wife being blasphemed

Denny Caknan

Denny Caknan, who is getting married today to Bella Bonita, can be said to have suddenly announced his new partner to the public. The reason is, all this time the public did not think that after breaking up with Happy Asmara, Denny had a new lover.

Denny Caknan’s announcement about Bella Bonita as the new partner he will soon marry, made Bella receive a lot of blasphemy on her social media.

Seeing his future wife being blasphemed, Denny Caknan warned netizens.

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