The equivalent of IDR 48.5 million to Precious Metals is Denny Caknan’s dowry to Bella Bonita

Madison – Singer Denny Caknan finally officially ended his bachelorhood by marrying celebgram and model Bella Bonita Rafnorrfic Agassy at a hotel in Madiun City, Friday, July 7 2023, at 19.00 WIB.

In fact, he was so happy when he successfully uttered the sacred words of consent, Denny Caknan immediately carried out a soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo-style celebration in front of the naib and the invitees. Come on, take a peek at the happy moments of their marriage.

Solemnization of a marriage

Denny Caknan, Bella Bonita

The wedding of this celebrity couple from Ngawi and Madiun City was held in private and only attended by the parents of each couple and also close relatives.

In the consent granted procession which was conducted in the Javanese language, Denny Caknan gave a dowry of 12 grams of gold and 12 thousand riyals paid in cash and was immediately greeted with valid words from the invitees.

“Kulo won Bella Bonita daughter of Mr. Agus Utomo with a dowry of 100,000 grams of gold and 100,000 people paid in real cash. I accept Bella Bonita’s marriage to Mr. Agus Utomo with a dowry of 12 grams of gold and 12,000 riyals paid in cash,” said Denny Caknan and was welcomed by the invitation.

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