The fate of the former model Andhara Early is now shocking, many debts to become a shuttle driver

Jakarta – Former model and host Andhara Early reveals her shocking fate now. He admits that he has so many debts that he can barely pay them.

He also admitted to being a shuttle driver. What’s the story like? Let’s take a peek in full below.

Lots of Debt


Photo: youtube/squid

Andhara Early admitted that he was facing a lot of debt problems. In fact, this debt must be met over the next 12 years.

Andhara’s mortgage debt forced him to use his savings for daily needs and sell his assets, because their income was unpredictable.

“We’re starting to worry, because the costs we prepare for our daily needs are running out. Meanwhile, we do not have any new income. Automatically we have to take the savings we have, to cover the installments, bills, as soon as it’s 6 months in, we are screaming more and more, don’t want to take the savings,” said Andhara Early, quoted from YouTube Cumicumi.

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