The film Witchcraft Young Wife Remake More Up to date


Jakarta – The film Witchcraft Young Wife, which aired in 1977, will soon be remade by the Falcon Pictures production house. This film stars actors of all ages such as Anjasmara, Lulu Tobing, Happy Asmara, Carissa Perusset, Abidzar Al Ghifari, Elang El Gibran and many more.

The director, Robby Ertanto, revealed that he would make this film more contemporary. What’s the story like in the film? Let’s take a peek at the article.

Movie Witchcraft Young Wife

Falcon Pictures

Photo: Falcon Pictures

Frederica as the producer of Falcon Pictures revealed that this film has been made since 2 years ago. He felt this film had the potential to be developed.

“The development of this witchcraft has been 2 years since we initially tried to restore the original film from the witchcraft to the sequel due to the witchcraft, we saw the potential for the story to be interesting and we wanted to remix it into the current version with a modern one with more up-to-date players,” said Frederica in the Mampang area, South Jakarta, Thursday, July 13, 2023.

The director, Robby Ertanto, also conducted research so that this film could be more acceptable in 2023.

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