The Latest Portrait of Anya Geraldine, Pouted For Being Too Thin

Jakarta – Celebrity and film star Anya Geraldine has rarely been heard from lately. Most recently, he just starred in the film Spirit Doll, which premiered on June 1, 2023.

Now Anya looks to lose weight. But this actually reaped scorn from netizens. What is the latest portrait of Anya like? Here’s the article.

Anya Geraldine uploaded a photo showing herself just playing tennis. The sport is currently popular among artists lately.

In the photo, Anya appears to be wearing a light blue tank top crop with sweat soaking several areas of her body.

In addition to the photo, Anya Geraldine also showed a video when she was playing tennis. Anya seems to be getting better at playing the sport. He’s also been on the sports game’s celebrity show.

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