The meaning of all the tattoos on the body of the beautiful athlete Yolla Yuliana

Jakarta – Yolla Yuliana is a familiar name to the ears of the Indonesian people who like volleyball. Her beautiful appearance makes her always the center of attention of every eye that watches the match.

Who would have thought that behind her beautiful face, Yolla also has tattoos with their own meanings. Where in the tattoo is there? Here’s an explanation.

Love Tattoos

Yolla Yuliana

Yolla Yuliana apparently has a number of tattoos on her body. Later, he also did not hesitate to show his tattoos on his personal Instagram account.

Of course, many are curious about Yolla’s tattoos. Yolla has answered this directly on Dialog Indonesia Media’s YouTube channel, Tuesday 4 July 2023.

Yolla does not hesitate to reveal where the tattoos are located and what form they are.

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