The RT’s Rejected the Sacrificial Cow, Dewi Perssik Has Cleared Up with Ustaz

Jakarta – Dewi Perssik’s sacrificial cow was rejected by the RT at his residence. Therefore, this dangdut singer who is familiarly called Depe is trying to find reasons why he cannot sacrifice.

This time, Dewi Perssik asked for an explanation from the local ustadz while telling the chronology. Like what? Check out the full article!

Ask for an Explanation with the Local Ustaz

Peach Goddess

Through live Instagram, Dewi Perssik contacted the ustaz around her house. This was done by Depe because his sacrificial cow was not accepted by the RT around his house.

“Because I am a public figure, I don’t want my address to be disclosed to anyone. Therefore, I asked my ART to contact Mr. Ustaz to ask for help so that all the residents get all of them,” said Dewi Perssik on Instagram live, reported by IntipSeleb on Thursday, June 29, 2023.

Then, Dewi Perssik explained the chronology of the cow as the sacrificial animal was not accepted by the RT. He said that the RT refused to sacrifice a cow or be given Rp. 100 million in cash.

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