The Second Puberty Sneered, Rachel Vennya Responds Casually: You’re advised, yes


Jakarta – Divorced from Okin, Rachel Vennya is now known to be in love with Salim Nauderer. Even so, the closeness of Rachel and Salim could not be separated from the scorn of netizens.

As was the case this time. There are netizens who sneer at Rachel in the middle of her second puberty. Even though she was annoyed because of the second pout, now Rachel looked relaxed in response to the chatter. So what was Rachel’s response? Check out the full news below.

Second Puberty Sneer


Photo : Instagram/@rachelvennya

Through her Instagram Story, Rachel Vennya shared her excitement at watching a concert with friends and even her lover, Salim Nauderer.

In one of the uploads, Rachel can be seen enjoying concert music while being close to Salim. However, Rachel’s action became the target of a julilee from a netizen.

The second puberty on Rachel Vennya sneered dangerously. However, Rachel Vennya responded casually but strikingly.

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