The Voice of Dewi Perssik Omelin Pak RT Is Used as a Parody by Saipul Jamil, Shows Two Women Fighting Their Chests


Jakarta– Saipul Jamil or who has now changed his name to King Saipul Jamil again nudged his ex-wife, Dewi Perssilk. He made the sound of Dewi Perssik scolding the RT because his cow was rejected, as a parody.

This earned a response from netizens. What’s it like? Take a peek in full below.

Make a parody

Saipul Jamil uploaded his latest video on feeds Instagram. What is in the spotlight, in the video, he makes the voice of Dewi Perssik who scolds Mr. RT as background short parody story.

In the video, you can see a woman who is angry and raging because Saipul Jamil is making out with another woman. As a result, the woman grabbed and fought with a woman who was close to Saipul Jamil lipsync with the words of Dewi Perssik.

The two women were even seen fighting each other’s chests and making Saipul Jamil confused. From the video, Saipul Jamil provides the title for the short parody story.

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