There are 43 accounts using their photos without permission for promotion, Melly Goeslaw waits for the good intentions of the perpetrators


Jakarta – Indonesian singer, Melly Goeslaw, and doctor Peter have sent a summons to a number of social media products for slimming drugs. They allegedly used Melly’s photos and videos without permission.

This was confirmed by Melly and Peter’s lawyers. Take a peek at the full information below.

Melly Still Waiting for Good Faith


Photo : Instagram/melly_goeslaw

Attorney for Melly and Peter, Ina Rachman, said that her party was still waiting for good faith from the slimming drug product in question. He demanded an apology.

In addition, he also wants his client’s photos and videos to be deleted within the next week.

“We have given a time limit of up to 7 days since yesterday. These parties apologize and are taking down advertisements that use fake videos from Teh Melly and Doctor Peter,” said Ina Rachman when met by media crew in the Jagakarsa area, South Jakarta, on Wednesday, July 19, 2023.

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